Ways I use Essential Oils off grid

For months now I have been living off grid. Meaning, (in my terms) I get my electricty from the sun, haul in my own water, and survive without a computer, tv, or much of anything.

Ways I use Essential Oils off grid

Without electricity constantly flowing its a little tricky to run a standard Essential oil diffuser.

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Standard Essential Oil Diffuser

So come see the ways I use Essential Oils off grid.


My favorite way is to put on fabric, in an inconspicuous area (because some Essential Oils can stain) on my blankets, curtains, rugs and pillows I add a drop or two of my Essential Oil choice and enjoy the aroma and benefits.

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Window screens:

On those nice days that arent too cold and I can keep the windows open and let the fresh air in. I add a few drops on the window screens for the fresh air to blow in.

Paper rolls:

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are awesome for manual diffusing. As I am putting the new roll on the dispenser, I add a couple of drops of an Essential Oil. Every time i use said roll, it lets off a nice scent.

Other ways:

I add essential oils to just about everything. Laundry detergent, on dryer balls, cleaning products, Shampoo, conditioner and soap.

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I really hope you liked this post. Comment below on ways you have used Essential Oils off grid. I am always open to suggestions 🙂