Toothache from hell!

Have you ever had a toothache from hell? One that no matter what you do the pain will not subside. Pain medicine, antibiotics or essential oils haven’t proven successful for this one.

Toothache from hell!

It all started about a month and a half ago. The throbbing pain up into my ear and all down along my jaw. Another toothache. But this one is different. No matter what I do or have done it won’t ease up. Actually it’s doing the opposite. It’s getting worse.

* Now I must remind you, I have and always had bad teeth. Since I was a child my teeth have always been an issue. Mostly stemming from GERDS. As a young baby I had a recurring acid re flux problem where stomach acid would flow into my mouth and cause me to projectile vomit. Think exorcist! The acid was very rough on my teeth and caused many cavities and broken down enamel. 

What I am getting at is, this isn’t my first time with a toothache.

First visit to my dentist.


(for current situation)

Mid-April is when the pain started. I called my dentist and told them I was in pain and I needed an appointment asap. I was lucky enough to get an appointment for the following Monday. But I was in so much pain that I asked if I can come in the next day, for the dentist to evaluate and prescribe antibiotics if necessary especially since it was going to be the weekend.

When I arrived at the dentist office I was told the doctor had already left for the day and that the dental assistant will take an x-ray and see if there was indeed an infection. The assistant told me that from what she can see there is not infection but the nerve is exposed and that’s what is causing the majority of the pain. Although she said their was no infection, she gave me a prescription for antibiotics and ibuprofen. Told me to take both of them and to return that following Monday and the doctor will pull the tooth.

Second dental appointment.

That following Monday came and to my surprise there was an email from my dentist office stating that I should go to an oral surgeon. And went ahead and gave me the names and contact information to 2 different oral surgeons but never gave me reason why. Well with my husband’s schedule this proved to be quite hard. He had that Monday off, that was why I was so adamant about having the procedure done that day. Low and behold the days went on and it came to hurt less.

Third dental appointment.

(New general dentist)

About 2 weeks ago my husband came home from work early with, you guessed it, a toothache. After our experience with our current dentist’s staff we decided to seek treatment from another dental practice. I called a couple of different practices to see who takes our insurance and who has something available that day. And I found one. They had an opening available that afternoon for both my husband and I. Perfect!

We arrive and they do they normal paperwork and everything is going as planned. They take xrays, examine our teeth, explain our problems and we decide to both have our current dental problems pulled out. His bottom left molar and my bottom right molar. We’re 2 peas in a pod I tell ya. The doctor gives us both antibiotic’s and a little stronger of pain meds and we scheduled to have the procedures done in 2 weeks.


Fourth (and not final for me) dental appointment.


This past Friday was our appointments. We both took our meds. We were ready to have our teeth pulled. Now again as I said earlier this isn’t my first time at the rodeo (nor my husbands). I know what to expect and really, dental work doesn’t bother me.

The assistant puts the topical pre analgesic on to numb the area before the doctor injects the local anesthetic. The doctor comes in shoots me up and I am told to wait while he goes and numbs up my husband.

Time to pull this bad boy!


Dentist comes back in, suits up, checks the xray, examines the area surrounding the tooth, and starts the procedure. Poking and prodding with different silver instruments. Ow that hurts. WTF that really hurts. I tell the doc and he shoots me up with more local anesthetic. Tells me to wait a while, while he goes and pulls hubby’s tooth.


About 10 minutes later the doctor comes back in, shoots me up with some more local anesthetic and gets to work. Poking and prodding again. Ok this isn’t too bad…

Then the pain strikes again. I felt like I was going to pass out it was so bad. And he hasn’t even started pulling yet.

I tell him to stop and we discuss my options.

A. More local anesthetic and try again


B. Go home with stronger antibiotics and try again next week.

I chose B.

So here I am writing this post, throbbing tooth and all.

Thanks for reading..

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P.s. Stay tuned for my next post featuring essential oils for oral health. Although they didn’t work fully this time for me they sure do work temporarily until you can get to a dentist.

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