Tea Tree Oil… Whats all the fad about?

Tea Tree Oil… What is all the fad about?

It seems everywhere you go now a days you will see some kind of product made with Tea Tree Oil!

But what is Tea Tree oil? And what does it do?  100% pure Tea Tree oil is an amazing product with so many different benefits and uses it is just too much to list them all!

What webmd says about tea tree oil!
courtesy of webmd

Let’s talk about MY TOP 10 ways I use Tea Tree Oil in my everyday life!

I live in south florida.
  • I goto the beach often which means I often get sunburned. As soon as I get home from the beach I rub aloe vera with Tea Tree Oil on my sunburn! It helps heal and soothe your sunburn!
  • As well as the sun in south florida, the mosquitos are horrible here. Remember the zika zone in Wynwood? When I get a mosquito bite I put a drop of Tea Tree Oil and it helps relieve the itch.
  • As I have mentioned before I have different skin problems, when I break out in a rash, I put Tea Tree Oil on to make sure that I don’t get an infection. Tea Tree Oil has natural anti bacterial agents.
  • I also put tea tree oil on the rash when it becomes itchy as it helps relieve the itch!
  • I make my own all-purpose cleaner using Tea Tree Oil, vinegar and water!
  • To clean my carpets. I take a grated parmesan cheese bottle with the holes in the lid and I fill it 3/4 with baking soda, 1/4 with borax and add about 10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Then I shake it really good or mix with a whisk and I let sit for 15-20 minutes with the lid still closed so the dry products mix with the Tea Tree Oil. After it’s had time to dispense through the dry products I shake it all over the carpets and let sit for 4-5 hours and then vacuüm. It really helps get rid of odors and freshens the carpets. I have also done this on my microfiber couch.
  • I add a few drops to my wool dryer balls. It helps freshen my clothes!
  • Add a few drops into the soap dispensers with the soap and run the machine. Again it helps freshen the clothes!
  • I forgot to pick up deodorant at the store one day. I remembered this as I got out of the shower. So I put a drop on my finger and rubbed around. It works like a charm!
  • I mixed about 2 drops in a glass of warm salt water and swished with it. It gets rid of garlic and onion breath!

Do you use Tea Tree Essential oils?

Comment below and let me know what you like about Tea Tree Oil and how you use it !

****I am not a doctor****

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on tv. I am also not a professional in a field that has to do with essential oils. These examples I listed are ways that I use Tea Tree Oil. Everyone’s skin and body are different. Please contact a doctor or medical professional before use!

Now I have to say that NOT ALL Tea Tree Oils are the same!

You have to take into consideration many factors when you are choosing where to buy/get it.

Here is a few factors and a little reasoning why that particular factor is important.

Determine the % of Terpinen 4 OL

Terpinen 4 OL is the primary agent of Tea Tree Oil. Each bottle should list the amount of Terpinen 4 OL in a percentage. The higher the percent the stronger the therapeutic/anti agent is. You can find Tea Tree Oil with 10% Terpinen 4 OL and I have seen upwards to 45% Terpinen 4 OL. That is a huge jump when comparing oils.

 *I recommend doing a skin patch test. To make sure your are not sensitive to the percentage of Terpinen 4 OL

*Some companies do not list the Terpinen 4 OL on the bottle if you would like to find out the percentage you should contact the company of the brand you are interested in

What is the % of concentration

You should always look for a 100% PURE oil because sometimes companies add additives which may affect how the oil works.

*Some companies do not list the concentration % on the bottle if you would like to find out the percentage you should call the contact the company of the specific brand you are interested in

How much did it cost?

Prices depend on different factors as well, like the two listed above as well as the bottle size

you can get Tea Tree Oil in 1 ounce bottles and up ranging from price of $10 – $100 and sometimes even higher.

What color bottle does it come in?

All essential oils should come in DARK COLORED GLASS BOTTLES!

Light exposure can damage the oils. Make them less potent or cause them to go bad which can be harmful to your health. Also when in plastic bottles the oils can eat away at the plastic and cause contaminants which can also be harmful to your health.

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My favorite higher % of Terpinen 4 OL Tea Tree oil is:

This one

About the Product

AAA+ Grade with 45% Terpinen – This Tea Tree oil belongs to our premium Gold series of oils and has highest quality. Terpinen 4 ol is the major ingredient of Tea Tree oil and this oils has 45% of Terpinen.

  • Supreme Quality Essential Tea tree Oil – This Pharmaceutical Caliber Australia Tea Tree Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural, unadulterated and untainted just to keep the efficacy most intact. A purified product of steam distilled fresh leaves. Non-Toxin, No Additives, No Preservatives, Unfiltered and Undiluted with no Fillers and No artificial ingredients added. Therapeutic Grade. Bottled in USA.
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