Hey friends! I was hoping I can get a bit of help. I want to reach out to each one of you to get some suggestions on what type of product/service you would like me to review? I would love to hear a broad range of ideas. It can be anything. But I need ideas! *Please don’t list a specific item So just let me know what type of stuff you are interested in reading about and seeing how I use it in my life! All suggestions should be left in the  below. Click here to contact me about other stuff  Read More →

Kitchen Shears! I love them! Those of you that know me know how much I love my kitchen utensils! Especially quality made ones. One tool that I am constantly using are my kitchen shears.  I use them for so many things: to open packages, cut herbs, trim the fat off different meats. There are so many different uses for kitchen shears, that there are just too many to list. I guess that could be the reason why I was and am always looking for a new pair! I think the last pair I had ended up in the bathroom cause Mike was using it to cut his hair! ChefRead More →