Come get organized with me! This cleaning decluttering organizing craze is getting out of control. Or maybe it’s getting you IN CONTROL. In control of your life and your belongings. I have been working on decluttering my home with since the day I moved in. It will always be an ongoing clusterf*ck in my home, especially with CRS (can’t remember sh*t disease). It’s really a thing, I’m telling you. Anyways, I am really bad with remembering where I put things. Especially when I put something in that special place so I can remember where it is. Yea apparently that special place is a never-ending black hole.Read More →

Almost Next Month… Is your Whiteboard Ready? What’s going on friends? I hope everyone is having a great day! I spent my morning filling out my WhiteBoard for the upcoming month. I seriously can not believe it is already going to be March… In 2 days! Engagements: March is always a pretty busy looking month for me. Always has been. Not quite sure why, except for the fact that it’s my hubby’s & my fur baby’s birthday month. And a friend’s birthday as well. Jenn H. Another great celebration is Joe’s anniversary! His anniversary of sobriety! Ten years! Wtg, Joe! I have a “work” meeting and a “work” luncheon thisRead More →