When I decided I was going to start blogging, I made a list. Somewhat of a blogging goals list. This list has been working out pretty good for me. I am racking up followers and page views and I even have 2 viral pins. But I want more. Here is my newest blog goals and I would love if all of you helped me reach them! Blogging Goals Blog Frequency Originally I figured I would need to post daily, a new blog post every day. As much as I loved posting so often, I feel it takes away from the promotion part of blogging. It doesn’tRead More →

stop wasting money on snacks

Stop wasting money on snacks. Snack Pack – Grab and Go! Mike and I are snackers. We love to snack. It is just something we do. We share a love for snacks, how about you? Haha I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Anyway I have to say at least 35% of our grocery monthly budget is dedicated to snacks. Be it fresh fruit and veggies or chips, cookies, and crackers. That is almost $100. Sickening. Especially when about 10% of what we buy goes to waste because we couldn’t eat it quick enough and it went bad. Besides that we also waste aRead More →