Hi Friends, Welcome back:) If you are new Welcome to my site! Please subscribe so you can be one of the first to know when I post a new article! Essential oils I love essential oils. They are amazing in so many different aspects! Way too many to list especially since each type of essential oils has its own aspects. Something that you should know is “Pure” Essential Oils are very strong. Strong enough to deteriorate plastic. With that being said, you should probably use glass or aluminum to store pure essential oils. If it is in fact true that essential oils may deteriorate plastic,Read More →

Tea Tree Oil… What is all the fad about? It seems everywhere you go now a days you will see some kind of product made with Tea Tree Oil! But what is Tea Tree oil? And what does it do?  100% pure Tea Tree oil is an amazing product with so many different benefits and uses it is just too much to list them all! What webmd says about tea tree oil! Let’s talk about MY TOP 10 ways I use Tea Tree Oil in my everyday life! I live in south florida. I goto the beach often which means I often get sunburned. As soon as IRead More →