Did you know that Essential oils need to be diluted before using?   When using essential oils topically it is very important to dilute them correctly. Not diluting them can cause you or your loved ones ill reactions. Using oils “neat” or undiluted can cause problems to even the healthiest person you know. Essential oils can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation as well as other problems if not properly diluted! How to dilute Essential oils! To dilute an essential oil you should add appropriate amount of drops to a carrier oil. I have made a calculator to help you find out the drop amount for yourRead More →

Hi Friends, I have searched around the internet while writing an article about carrier oils. While I found a lot of information I also didn’t find what exactly I was looking for. I wanted a way to have a form on my computer to quickly figure out the dilution % to essential oil drop ratios for the size bottle I wanted to use. So I decided to create one myself. Go ahead and sign up for my newsletter and you will receive this calculator for your personal use. Thank you so much for showing interest in my Essential Oil Dilution Calculator! Subscribe now to getRead More →