Spring is still in the air! I love spring. I love hearing the birds chirp, and seeing the butterflies flapping their little wings to glide through the fresh spring air. The blossoming flowers and heavenly smells make spring even more appealing. If I could have the smell of spring in my home all year-long I would be a happy girl. Wait, I can and I already am! Thanks to essential oils. My 6 favorite Spring Essential Oil Blends The recipes below are my favorite Spring Essential Oil Blends. I hope you like them. Let me know if you try any 🙂 Spring Cleaning 4 drops of LavenderRead More →

drops of essential oils to use

How many drops of essential oils to use for your diffuser? A common question that I come across about essential oils and diffusers is, how many drops of essential oils to use in a diffuser. Well the answer to this question depends on what size diffuser you have. Diffuser size Standard diffusers range in size from 100 ml to 500 ml. So before you can find out the amount of essential oils drops to use, you need to know the size of your diffuser tank. The area where you add the essential oils/water mixture to. Drops of Essential oils per diffuser size 100 ml UseRead More →

My 5 goto cough and cold essential oils diffuser blends Happy hump day everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful week. The last few days I have felt a cold coming on. You know, when you’re having a bit harder time breathing, or the occasional sneezing, or when you wake up and your throat is so sore it feels like you swallowed a razor blade! Yup that’s about how I feel. I decided that it was time to pull out my handy cough and cold essential oils diffuser blends list. To mix up my special night-time blend (the last blend) so I can wake up feelingRead More →

Hi Friends, I have searched around the internet while writing an article about carrier oils. While I found a lot of information I also didn’t find what exactly I was looking for. I wanted a way to have a form on my computer to quickly figure out the dilution % to essential oil drop ratios for the size bottle I wanted to use. So I decided to create one myself. Go ahead and sign up for my newsletter and you will receive this calculator for your personal use. Thank you so much for showing interest in my Essential Oil Dilution Calculator! Subscribe now to getRead More →