My friends. How are you all this weekend? I hope everyone is doing wonderful. The weather over┬áhere (South Florida) is beautiful today! In the mid 70’s with a slight breeze. What more can you ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Though I would love to talk to you all more about the weather and any weekend plans you have, I need to talk to you about something a bit more important to some. Mistakes! People make mistakes. But when is a mistake too much? No one is perfect. It is a known fact. And people make mistakes. It happens all the time. Everyday in fact.Read More →

I lost my sister at a young age. Don’t do drugs! It was a rainy sunday morning, September 4th 2005, when I got the call. It was my mom saying that Elizabeth, my sister, had people over the night before and the house was a mess. She begged Mike and I to come over and help her straighten up. We got to my mom’s house and went inside, as I walked into the kitchen I saw a marijuana pipe. I thought my sister was clean. They just let her off of mandatory drug testing because it was such an “inconvenience” to my mom. I didn’tRead More →