stop wasting money on snacks

DIY Snack Packs – Grab and Go!

Stop wasting money on snacks. Snack Pack – Grab and Go!

Mike and I are snackers. We love to snack. It is just something we do. We share a love for snacks, how about you? Haha I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Anyway I have to say at least 35% of our grocery monthly budget is dedicated to snacks. Be it fresh fruit and veggies or chips, cookies, and crackers. That is almost $100. Sickening. Especially when about 10% of what we buy goes to waste because we couldn’t eat it quick enough and it went bad. Besides that we also waste a lot of money on those quick-mart/corner store snacks. I mean who doesn’t get hungry when they are out and about? I definitely do. So does Mike.

Snack Pack – Grab and Go! That’s what I am calling it!

With prices getting higher and money getting shyer I needed to find a better alternative. One that can help us stop wasting snacks, and save money in the process.

Containers I used

I got these meal plan containers from amazon.

I like them and they serve the purpose I wanted them for.  They come in a pack of 14 and the breakdown is under a $1 for each one. It says that they can go from freezer to microwave and washed in the dishwasher but I have not tested that. When I got them I was so excited, Mike and I went up to Publix (our grocery store) and bought groceries.

When I got home I set everything up:

I bought a whole cantaloupe and a whole honeydew and cut them both into bite sized pieces. I also bought a few boxes of raisins and the focaccia crackers.

We had the 2 bags of chips still left over, from last week, as well as some goldfish and some sunflower seeds

Containers being prepared

I laid all the bottoms out so I can easily fill each one

Snacks in containers

Each container got honeydew and cantaloupe.

snacks in containers

Then a few got some chips, and pretzels, some of the goldfish and raisins and I even threw some mini frosted wheats into a couple.

Snacks in containers

I put some yogurt in one to see how it holds “liquids” and it did a great job. I actually just ate that one as a snack. Although I don’t think I would put milk or something like that.  Maybe some applesauce, pudding, or jello! Which would be a money saver because you can buy a jar or make your own and not have to buy the individual containers.

Lids on finished snack packs

Once I was satisfied I put all the lids on the containers.

containers stacked in fridge

And then stacked nice and neatly in the fridge.

snack healthier and cheaper

Saved me money and time this week! What can it save you?

No more $3 + a day

Mike has been grabbing one on his way out the door to work so he can have one at break time. Which has been great because he doesn’t have to go to the “roach coach” aka the lunch truck! Which in return has saved us approx $10 this week.

How many minutes

When I prepared everything it took me about 15 minutes including cutting both melons and packing each one. Now all I have to do is grab a snack pack and go! No more running into the store to get some chips, or Mike locating and waiting for the roach coach. He has more time to relax during his break and believe me, Mike LOVES to relax just as much or maybe more than he snacks!

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Are you a snacker?

Do you think this snack pack idea will save your family money?

What type of snacks do you like to eat on the go?


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