Top 3 rules that all beach-goers should follow!

Beaches…. I live in South Florida and I have been going to the beach all my life. I currently live about a 5 minute drive from the beach! And visit often!

I love the beach, who wouldn’t? It is a Naturally Peaceful Environment for most. Imagine it… Sitting on the sand, relaxing, hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, a slight ocean salty breeze blowing on your sun kissed face. You start digging/playing in the sand with your hands and feet…. WTH was that..

Top 3 rules all beachgoers should follow!


Don’t bring glass to the beach. Accidents happen and it could break. Then you leave glass on the ground. That most people walk on barefoot. That children play in. That you play in. Who want’s to get cut while at the beach? Um hello Sharks are attracted to blood. You want to become a snack for a shark Fine! But I don’t.


shark at the beach
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The Ocean is not a bathroom. Seriously people just because the fish and ocean life piss and poop in the ocean does mean that its ok for you to also. That’s what the bathrooms that you can find on the beach are for. DUH! I am pretty sure you don’t want to swim in mine and I definitely don’t want to swim in yours. YUCK!

ocean water at the beach not a bathroom
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The beach/ocean is not a garbage. Just like rule number 1 I don’t want to play and digg in sand that is littered with trash. It is not safe, unhealthy, dangerous, and against the law. You brought the trash with you take it back with you. No if’s and’s or butt’s about it… That also means if you smoke don’t leave your cigarette butt’s throw them away. Your trash no matter the shape and size or material can end up in the ocean and hurt the amazing ocean life.

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So Please I beg you!

beg on knees
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Take care of our beaches like you take care of your home! Clean up after yourself, and follow the RULES!

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Did you know people actually leave their trash behind, more often than not?

Does it bother you when you see someone leave their trash behind?

What other tips do you have for beachgoers?





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