What do you get when you combine 66 steel balls and 240 magnetized sticks!

You get hours and hours of Stress relieving fun! And if you have kids* that are old enough they can join in!

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As a person who has struggled with ADHD and OCD since childhood and now into Adulthood I’ve come to learn a little about what helps me focus and tick. Puzzles, creating, solving, accomplishing, completing and conquering are some of the things that I strive for!

Puzzles offer that.

I love them. I would sit for hours putting them together. I used them as an escape from the struggles of life. They provided comfort to me, and would help relieve my anxiety. With ADHD (at least for me) you need brain stimulating yet relaxing enjoyment so your are not jumping off the walls! Aka something to keep you busy!

I have put together so many different types of puzzles, from flat 100 piece puzzles to 3D sculpture puzzles. Let’s not forget word puzzles, number puzzles and even the search puzzles. Those are just some!

A puzzle I did in the 90's
A puzzle I did in the 90’s that I still display in my house


PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks Toys 306 Piece Magnetic Steel Stick and Stack Toys

Source: Amazon

Have you ever?

This puzzle building construction magnetized thingamajig is AWESOME!

It really brought me back to my childhood playing with this. Think Puzzles, lincoln logs, tinkertoys and Lego’s!


I didn’t write a blog on sunday because I spent most of the day playing with this set.

Well that and because I was looking for more awesome items to review for you all…

If you have any suggestions for products leave a comment for me!

Anyway, This set: PlayMaty Magnetic Building Blocks Toys 306 Piece Magnetic Steel Stick and Stack is just the thing I need in my life. I have been under a lot of stress lately to the point where I make myself sick! I know it’s not good! I am working on it. That is also another reason why I started the blog as well. So I can get my mind off of stress related issues.

What comes in the box?:

When I opened the box I saw a cute little plastic toy box with a green handle!

Look at all these cool things you can make. Just with this set. And the sets are interchangeable so you can build even more. The sky is really the limit with this one! Well and your pocket! But we will get to that later!

The sticks:

This set comes with 66 steel balls (Diameter:0.5″), 240 magnetic rods (Length:1″) Each stick shown is five rods made of plastic and nickel plated steel.


What therapy/ activity do you use to calm your adhd? comment below and let me know! I would love to hear some of your ideas!

I got 8 each of the red, green, orange and blue sticks and I got 16 yellow sticks. For a total of 240 (1″ rod) Each kit may vary with the colors.

Just the rods alone can be a great learning tool for children. Helps with counting, and colors.

Add the balls into the mix and it:

Can even help with geometry! Triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons.



You can even make pyramids! And other 3-d shapes!




Look at my self portrait I created. Aren’t I just a doll????

You can get a smaller set here:

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*not suitable for young kids that are still in the age range of sticking things in their mouths. I am not responsible for anything that happens. USE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION!