What’s your favorite computer peripheral device?

I love computers.

I have loved computers since the apple 2e came out and I would play Oregon trail and frogger! Those were the days HUH? Mid 80’s early 90’s.

Anyways Since becoming a computer junkie I have had my fair share of computers. And peripheral devices. I can’t even begin to name them all!

My current computer:

My latest computer is NOT the greatest. It is a few years old and I’m sure it’s got some issues with this and that. But this computer right here, that I am sitting in front of typing has been with me through some of my roughest times.

Similar to this one just an older model:

Computer Peripheral Devices aka Accessories


computer peripheral

If you’re a computer junkie like me, you know the benefits of always having the better options especially when it comes time to replace computer accessories aka peripheral devices. You cannot just buy the first one you see and sometimes people do just that when it comes to keyboards and mouse.

I just got a new mouse and it’s pretty neat!

Check it out

It can run 3 different systems.

You can program it to run on 3 different systems. And you can switch between the different systems with just a click of a button! Which is located right above your thumb. You can also easily see which device your synced with by the illuminated numbers.

Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel on this mouse has a hyper-fast sensitivity with an instant stop! You flick the wheel and let go and it starts scrolling and when u touch the wheel it stops. Also, you can switch from the hyper-fast mode to the regular click to click mode easily, with the push of a button, if you need more precision!

Fits perfect in my hand

This mouse has a perfect ergonomic shape with a curved thumb slot where you can comfortably relax your thumb while holding and using the mouse. The surface of the mouse is ultra-smooth and made of rubber.



You can tell just by the look of it that it is a very durable mouse. The manufacture says that it can last up to 10 million clicks. My last mouse died from too many clicks. In the middle of writing a blog post! Ugh…

Battery life

This mouse has a boosted efficiency with the Bluetooth and Unifying Tech that allows the mouse to work for up to 2 years with normal use with only ONE BATTERY! Which is provided.

This mouse is the best.

If you need a mouse for multiple devices or just one that runs smooth and is ergonomic this is the mouse for you!

So if I had to say…

My favorite computer peripheral device is the computer mouse. I have a touchscreen computer and I still find myself only using the mouse. With my laptop as well. I use the mouse. So a little think with the name of a rodent! The computer mouse! YUP

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What do you think about this mouse?

What’s your favorite computer peripheral device?


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*This post was not sponsored. I bought this mouse with my own money because I really needed a mouse. All my opinions are my honest and my own opinions.


**Although this was not a sponsored post, and I did not purchase this product from amazon, I am an amazon affiliate associate and if you happen to buy something from one of my links I might make a small commision.