Not just another writing instrument!

Another set of writing instruments. Great!

I love things that write. Pens, pencils, markers, etc. Who doesn’t?

I will tell you who. Kids! They want to use electronics for everything. Having an electronic device (computer, tablet, smart phone) nowadays is like having a writing instrument when I was a kid. It is almost mandatory to have electronic device’s for school now, when before you would get into trouble if you didn’t bring your pen or pencil to class. It is pretty ridiculous, a battery operated life we live!

For those of you awesome people who still do things the old fashion way, and use writing instruments, I have something to share with you.

Source: Wikipedia & Google

NYSH Gel Pens

60 colorful gel pens in amazing colors.

Neon, pastel, regular, glitter and mixed colors. The mixed color pens are pretty dope!

Bullet Journals & Coloring

I got these pens for my Bullet Journal. Having a Bullet Journal is great. Especially so I can keep track of all this blogging mumbo jumbo.

The pens are also for this adult coloring book my friend got me! Thanx Jill.

I love those adult coloring books. I haven’t done one in a while so I am happy that I got my new pens for it.

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Testing, Testing, 1 ,2, 3!

I tested all 60 pens in my moleskine bullet journal and every one of them worked spectacular.

In each picture I tested a tray of 15 pens. I wrote (first, second, …) tray and pictured the tray of pens with each one. The pens were not selected in any particular order. However, writing corresponds with the order of pens in the picture.

Here are the test results:

The best part about these pens:

The pens are Eco-Friendly, acid free and NON-Toxic!

How could you go wrong with that?

Also you get a free Gift included in the box.

A small pocket note/sketch/draw book. This little guy is so cute. I want more of them. Hmmm, I need to contact the company and find out if they have just the notebook!

Other activities/ideas you can use the pens for besides writing:

Scrapbooking, paper crafts, greeting cards, mandala, portraits, drawing, doodling, and much more!


The pens come in a large variety of colors and hues. Neon, metallic, pastel, bold, bright and light! Even multi-colored ones.  They can even be used on DARK paper!


The tips range in size from 0.6mm to 1.0mm so you have a variety of thickness while using this set of gel pens.

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