A new pair of kitchen shears!

Kitchen Shears! I love them!

Those of you that know me know how much I love my kitchen utensils! Especially quality made ones. One tool that I am constantly using are my kitchen shears.  I use them for so many things: to open packages, cut herbs, trim the fat off different meats. There are so many different uses for kitchen shears, that there are just too many to list.

I guess that could be the reason why I was and am always looking for a new pair! I think the last pair I had ended up in the bathroom cause Mike was using it to cut his hair!

Chef Remi!

So as I searched on amazon for a new pair of Kitchen shears, I came across Chef Remi Kitchen Shears , not only did his name call out to me (My Dog is named Remy) but, the current product reviews did as well!

Any product that has 327 reviews with 90% of them 5 stars will probably interest me!


Well, I decided to order them to give them a DemirView try, and I am very pleased with them!

These kitchen shears seem very well made and feel extremely durable (for normal use)! The blades are stainless steel and very sharp. The handle of these kitchen shears is made of black plastic. They fit well in my hand, and was comfortable to use.

When I received them, I was in the middle of using another pair of scissors. Struggling, to cut some milk jugs to use as planters. These kitchen shears came right in the knick of time, don’t you love when that happens!

I opened the package right away and used my new Chef Remi Kitchen Shears to finish cutting the milk jugs. They cut like butter!

I’ve had them for a few days now and I’ve used them quite a few times. I was pleased with each and every cut I made, with these Kitchen Shears!

Chef Remi, thank you for finally making a quality Kitchen Shear at a great price.  No wonder they are award winning!

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