New blogging goals… For this month.

When I decided I was going to start blogging, I made a list. Somewhat of a blogging goals list. This list has been working out pretty good for me. I am racking up followers and page views and I even have 2 viral pins. But I want more. Here is my newest blog goals and I would love if all of you helped me reach them!

Blogging Goals

Blog Frequency

Originally I figured I would need to post daily, a new blog post every day. As much as I loved posting so often, I feel it takes away from the promotion part of blogging. It doesn’t give you enough time to promote and interact with your followers.

My new goal of post frequency is every other day. This will not only allow me more time to promote and share my blog but it will also allow me to take more time on writing a post. Which will eventually lead to better more organized content.

Sharing on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus are just a few of the places I share my content but their is a world more out there.

Having more time to promote my content on social media will help me gain more trust and love with my followers. Joining more communities and groups that may have interest in my content will help me gain more traffic and followers.


Having 2 pins that already went viral, this one with 1.7k repins and this one with almost 5k repins is amazing and reassures me that I am doing something right.

This came with help from all the amazing group boards I have joined…

Continue on niche path

From day one of blogging I learned the importance of finding your niche. Not only finding your niche, but finding the people who also enjoy that niche. At first I was dumbfounded, how am I supposed to talk about only one thing. I am a girl of a million and one.

Once I found my niche it was easy to find my followers. I will continue on the same route I have been but I will have more time to share my content and interact with my followers.


I’ve always had a love of taking pictures and working with them to create graphic art.

I want to work harder at creating better more eye catching graphics for my posts.

Become More Profitable

Yea, I’ve made a couple dollars here and there since I’ve started blogging. Although I haven’t physically seen any of it yet because of the holding rules.

I am going to work on harder on affiliate sales so I can become more profitable than a couple of dollars.

blogging goals

My goals

  1. Post every other day.
  2. Gain +500 more followers over all social media accounts.
  3. Find more groups and communities that share in my niche and share my content with them.
  4. Make $200 this month.
  5. Have fun!

Thanks for reading…

Do you have any blogging goals for this month?

Let me know in the comments below.

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