are you looking in wrong place for love?

Are you looking in all the wrong places for love??

Are you looking in all the wrong places for love??

Let me guess you’ve signed up on all the online dating sites, went to all the local restaurants, bars, clubs? And still no luck? SMH.. Maybe you just need to look right in front of you. Even if there might be an elephant in the room!

Are you looking in all the wrong places for love--

My Marriage

I post about a lot of things, but I haven’t posted much about my marriage.

My husband and I have a wonderful marriage. Happy and Healthy. 13 + years with no children!

first picture
One of our first pictures together! Sorry for the quality
wedding day
August 6th 2006
recent photo
October 9, 2016

So you want to know how I met my husband?

Well I met my husband at a funeral in Dec. 2002.

in memory of
Source: Pixabay

Umm that’s a little morbid, but hear me out!

Weird right? My sister’s husband and my husband were friends since the 2nd grade. When my sister’s mother in law passed away both Mike (my husband) and I were in attendance at the funeral. After that day we went our separate ways. To eventually meet again while helping my sister and brother-in-law move. After the move we ended up going our separate ways again.

So when did it finally happen?

3rd time’s a charm. A few of months later Mike (my husband) called my mom’s house to chat with my brother-in-law. I happened to answer the phone. That’s where it all began. Me and my big mouth. August 6, 2003. Married 3 years later August 6, 2006.

My point of this story!

Sometimes you need to search high and low and think outside of the box to reach your end goal.


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