My favorite YOUTUBERS that use Essential Oils in their vlogs

YOUTUBERS that use Essential Oils in their vlogs

I admit, I watch YouTube vloggers. More than that, I tend to watch those youtube vloggers who lean-to using Essential Oils in their daily lives. Truthfully, I started using Essential Oils after watching vlogs with families who use them.  So I have come here today to share with you my favorite Essential Oil using YouTube vloggers. Without further ado and in no particular order here is my list of:

My favorite YOUTUBERS that use Essential Oils in their vlogs

1. Kyra Sivertson @ OKbaby

I love how Kyra teaches her kids about how beneficial Essential Oils are in everyday life.

2. Myka Stauffer @ The Stauffer Life

Myka and her family are always looking for healthier alternatives. They love using Essential Oils in their life ontop of modern-day health care.

3. Kendal Rich @ The Rich Life

Kendal and her family use Essential Oils for so many aspects in their life. In this episode she shows how her daughter is sick and besides giving her traditional medication she also uses Essential Oils to help.

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4. Nicci Lynn @ Afarmhousefull

I wouldn’t say Nicci and her family vlog per-se but they do produce a lot of great videos about how they use Essential Oils in there life. And for that reason I had to add her to the list!


Hope you all enjoyed this post, if you follow anyone on youtube that talk about Essential Oils in their posts, please comment below and let me know. I would love to check out their videos!

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