I am moving to RENO!

Big changes are coming my way

I am moving to Reno, NV.

moving to reno
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My husband, Michael, was offered a job out of state. Approximately 3,000 miles away, to work on constructing the new Tesla Plant in Reno, Nevada. The pay is excellent and triple what he is making here in South Florida. The one downfall is, the job starts next week. Meaning we will have only one week to pack up our belongings and make the 3,000 mile trek, across the country.

What my husband does!

My husband is a union sheet metal mechanic. He constructs, fabricates, and installs metal work. From fabricating and installing air conditioning and heating ducts to installing and repairing decking and siding, to Nuclear reactor repairs he has done it all. My man has no fear!

What moving to Reno means for DemirViews?

The best thing about being a blogger is, it can be done from anywhere. DemirViews will continue after a brief hiatus to allow myself to keep focused on the current task at hand. MOVING to RENO!

Possibility of a sub blog

There is a strong possibility that I might blog my travels. Create a sub-blog under demirviews.com so I can share with you my journey.

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