I use Wool Dryer Balls! Do you?

I use Wool Dryer Balls! Do you?

Actually I have a sort of an obsession with Wool Dryer Balls. I love them, I need them, I gotta have them! I know, I know kind of an odd obsession to have but, I never said I was normal. It’s just…


Wool dryer balls are amazing! They really are. Read on to find out why!


What does a Wool dryer ball look like?

Well Wool dryer balls are white balls a little larger than a tennis ball but smaller than a softball in size.

Wool dryer ball
Wool dryer ball

What is the point of Wool dryer balls?

  • Replace chemicalized fabric softeners and dryer sheets
  • Increase fluffiness
  • Cut down drying time almost in half
  • Reduce static
  • Eco-friendly, NATURAL, and contain NO synthetic fibers or chemicals
  • Reusable 1000+ times
  • Hypoallergenic so they can be used for those with sensitive skin
  • Safe to use with cloth diapers

What do Wool dryer balls do?

Wool dryer balls bounce around and lightly beat and separate your articles of clothing. This allows the hot air to get in between the clothes which helps with drying time, as well as reduces static. Lets not forget how fluffy and soft they leave your clothes.

Are Wool dryer balls scented?

No, they come unscented. Don’t worry though, you can use essential oils with them! A drop or two of essential oils on each ball and you are good to go! Any scent you want!

Wool dryer ball and lavender essential oil
Wool dryer ball and lavender essential oil

What are Wool dryer balls made of?

They are made with 100% natural wool! Well most of them are, you know there are knock-offs all the time. I have seen sheep wool, & alpaca felted dryer balls..

How many Wool dryer balls do you use?

Depending on the size of your load of clothes you can use anywhere from 3 for a small load, 5-6 for a medium load, 6-8 for a large load, and up to as many as you want (within reason) for an extra-large load. I use all 12 of mine with my comforters, sheets, pillow cases, towels and mattress pads.

Do Wool dryer balls really work?

I have to say, Yes they do. They absolutely work.

I use wool dryer balls, do you?
I use wool dryer balls, do you?

My experience with Wool Dryer Balls

Since I started doing my own laundry, when it came time to putting the clothes in the dryer I would put 3 or more of those chemical laden dryer sheets in with my clothes. This wasn’t only costing me unnecessary money but, it was destroying my clothes and ruining my dryer. Which resulted in longer drying cycles and sometimes multiple drying cycles.

Wool dryer balls and essential oils
Wool dryer balls and essential oils

When I started using Wool dryer balls about a year ago, I never looked back. They have made laundry time safer, interesting, and quicker! Especially when I add my favorite essential oil combo of rosemary and mint, it makes my clothes smell amazing. The fluffiness of my towels

alone is great but add into the mix fluffy everything else is right on!

Let me know in the comments below if you use wool dryer balls. What is your favorite thing about them? Do you use essential oils with them?