I love tea. Hot tea, cold tea, sweet tea, lemon tea, loose leaf tea. Tea in a Bamboo Tea Tumbler with Strainer!


Where do I start?

I remember as a kid, four or five years old. Going to that chinese restaurant!  It was on the corner of Taft Street and University Drive.  Next to the carvel ice cream and 99 cents movie theater! You know which one I am talking about. I believe it was or still is called china dragon!

We went to that restaurant so many times; for birthdays, anniversaries, family dinners, Christmas. Wait what? Who goes out to dinner on Christmas? The Jewish people do! At least the ones down here in South Florida do!

Anyways, we went to that restaurant for everything! Not that I minded, I was mesmerized by that one thing that they had in the display case. It was like a poof ball, with a bunch of white sticks that lit up at the end.

This thing.. Fibre optics!

I would eat my food so quickly, just so I can run to the counter and stare at this thing. Come on…. I told you I was like 4 or 5! What I didn’t tell you though is that I did it well into the tween/early teen years! It was the 80’s Gosh!

The one thing at that place besides the fibre optics display and the lo mein, was the HOT TEA!

When my obsession to Tea began..

They would bring to the table this beautiful metal tea-pot with the most amazing nectar!

And cute little cups with no handle. Almost like a small bowl!

Immediately I would grab 4 sugar packets pour them all into my cup. I would wait ever so patiently until it was passed around/poured for me.  Once it was in my cup I would stir it with a spoon really quick until all the sugar was dissolved, then add two little ice cubes and chug that little cup!

It was one of my best ongoing childhood memory! Until that one time….. No I am not going there!

As I grew older and was able to make my drink choices, I would get Tea. Whether it be iced tea, hot tea, raspberry tea, lemon tea…. I wanted it! No matter how it came.

While at home I was never able to get the hang of making my own tea. Like at the chinese restaurant. So, I would end up buying pre made tea bags, or bottles, or cans, or jugs, like I said,  no matter how it came I was not picky! Most times I would go to the local coffee shop or the tea bar to get a decent cup of tea!

Do you like tea?

What kind of tea do you like to make at home?

Leave your answers in the comment below I would love to try more

In comes loose leaf tea.

I started looking around because in case you didn’t know, regular visits to these coffee shops and tea bars are NOT CHEAP!

I ended up coming across these special loose leaf tea tumblers with a strainer, on you guessed it, Amazon!

And went ahead and bought one.


Visit amazon listing here for this LeafLife Bamboo Tea Tumbler

When I got it 2 days later, I already had the loose leaf tea on hand, I was ready. I quickly boiled some water so I can give this a try!

I put my loose leaf tea in the strainer, put my normal ton of sugar in the bottom of the tumbler and proceeded to fill it with my hot water! I put the cover back on and let it sit for a few minutes in the insulated tumbler so it can steep! Finally I opened it and removed the strainer and tasted my tea. Wow, this tea is great! It tasted so pure and delicious! And way too sweet! But that is besides the point!

This Bamboo Tea Tumbler with strainer rocks! Not only does it produce a perfect cup of hot tea, but it looks pretty neat. And the soft bamboo wood feeling of the exterior felt great in my hand.  The inside of the bamboo tea tumbler by leaflife is 100% BPA Free, they use 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Visit amazon listing for this LeafLife Bamboo Tea Tumbler

This Bamboo tea tumbler is :

  • KEEPS DRINKS HOT …OR COLD FOR HOURS – LeafLife uses double walled vacuum insulation technology to keep your tea or other drinks hot or cold for hours.
  • NON TOXIC – 100% BPA Free, we use 18/8 food grade stainless steel which makes this travel mug not only absolutely nontoxic but also easy to wash and maintain, it will not stain no matter what tea you place inside: Green, English Breakfast, Herbal, Jasmine, Matula or any other tea…LeafLife tumbler will not stain.
  • SPLASH AND LEAK PROOF – we use silicon cover attached to lid, your drink will not leak when the lid is on, ever…scout’s honor!
  • GREAT LOOKING – LeafLife Tea Tumbler uses bamboo for its outer shell, giving it unique and stylish look, bamboo is eco friendly and makes the tumbler more comfortable to hold.

And wait for it, wait for it…

It has a:

  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – Every step of the way, our dedicated associates work hard to ensure that the quality of our product surpasses your expectations. We care deeply about quality and sell only what we ourselves would be proud to own or give as a gift. Our tumblers are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Return it to us any time if it proves otherwise and we will give you a full refund promptly. No questions asked.

Leaf Life’s Bamboo Tea Tumbler
“There is always time for tea”

This stylish bamboo travel mug is the talk of the town so get ready for compliments everywhere you go!
– Exterior: Eco Friendly, quality bamboo that will remind you of nature while you sip that pipping hot coffee or tea with delight!
– Interior: High quality 18/8 food grade stainless steel.
– BPA-free with an easy access design that makes it easy to clean and stain and odor free so you can use it for any drink…tea, coffee or something else.
– Fits most standard US car cup holders.

Best Ways to Use Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler:

  1. Put loose tea leaves onto the strainer.
  2. Pour hot water into tumbler.
  3. Remove the strainer and enjoy your tea!


  1. Put loose tea leaves into tumbler.
  2. Pour hot water and replace filter.
  3. Fine mesh filter strains tea while you drink!
Lastly, our Travel Tea Mug is Vacuum Insulated which will:
  • Keep any beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up 24 hours!
  • Prevents condensation from forming on the exterior if your drink is cold, naturally it also prevents from burning your hand.

*** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 24 Hour Email Support from a family business that cares ***

LeafLife Bamboo Tea Tumbler

Comment down below if you have a favorite type of tea, or tea tumbler!