Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils…

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the natural concentrated oils extracted from plant material.

How are they obtained?

The majority of essential oils are obtained by either distillation or manually aka cold-pressed.


steam distillation
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The most common oils are extracted by distillation.


cold pressed
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Citrus oil where the oils are found in the peel are normally cold-pressed or manually extracted.

Other extraction methods:

Solvent extraction and Florasols extraction are two other way that essential oils are extracted using other liquids to extract the oils from the plant material.


This is one thing that I can’t say enough. The most important thing you will learn from this post.

dilute essential oil before use

When using essential oils topically it is very important to dilute them correctly. Not diluting them can cause you or your loved ones ill reactions. Using oils “neat” or undiluted can cause problems to even the healthiest person you know. The oils can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation as well as other problems if not properly diluted!

Go here to read more about using carrier oils and diluting essential oils.


Essential Oils should always be stored in glass, dark colored bottles.

Using a plastic container, the essential oils can and probably will eat through the plastic and then not only will they leak out but I feel the oils will be none usable in case the oil “inherited” the badness of the plastic.

Storing in dark colored bottles also is needed to keep the sun and other light out of the bottle and from destroying the oil.


I am not a doctor or a health care provider nor do I play one on tv. The information on my blog is my own honest opinion. Please contact your health care professional before using any oils. THANKS

essential oils 101

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