One man’s mission to get across the US for a job opportunity in one month! Find out what happened!

One man’s mission to get across the US for a job opportunity in one month! Find out what happened!

It started towards the end of 2014. The economic crisis for us, the Demirgian’s! There was no local trade work, the union hall had a full list of bench-warmers and Mike was at the bottom. We had to do something. Thing’s were really starting to get bad.

We really started feeling it around the end of March 2015. We had barely any money in the bank, Mike was working 2 jobs and still not making enough to pay the bills. It was very stressful and rough and not something I ever want to experience again.

Travel for work?

There are so many out-of-town jobs maybe we should travel again? Like we did last year.  That was the question on the dinner table that evening! Just about 2 years ago. In early April 2015.

The plan!

We tossed the idea back and forth and decided that if we are going to travel we will need an RV or travel trailer. We, I, didn’t want to stay in hotels and we, I, wanted Remy with us! We have pretty decent credit, we can sell the car (the 2014 KIA Forte) and finance a travel trailer to tow with our other vehicle (2014 KIA Soul) or finance a RV and tow the soul. It’s a plan!

rv travel trailer rec vehicle
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Not gonna work!

Soon after that night, like two minutes later, we started shopping around, seeing our options, looking at different things on the internet and we find out that (A) RV’s are freaking expensive and (B) we can’t tow anything with the Soul. We were doomed! Or were we.?.?

New plan!

Trade in both cars for a towing capable truck and getting a used but new to us financed travel trailer.


Off to the dealership!

We head to the Toyota dealership and talk to a guy about our plan.

Very intrigued the sales man was. Mister Muniz was ready to help!

Perfect it’s on!

They except both vehicles as a trade in for a brand new Toyota Tundra.

new truck 2015 Toyota Tundra Since the 2 cars we had and traded in were financed as well, by doing this we ended up saving over $100 a month in car payments plus $100 a month for insurance. But look at that hefty price tag!toyota tundra price tag 36 thousand

Regardless things are starting to look up!

It’s trailer searching time!

OMG what a nightmare. There are so many this and that and these and those it was a headache. And they are so expensive. And unpersonal ugh where do we go, who do we see?

Craigslist, dealerships, for sale ads.

We started looking on the internet in our local area for sales of trailers and such and got pretty overwhelmed. So we ended up going to a place about 2 hours away over in Fort Myers, Florida and looked at a bunch of different options and couldn’t really find anything that was in our “EXTREMELY LOW” (apparently) budget! NOW WHAT?

who what where why when how
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Nothing can just go as planned.

We ended up going to a local dealership pretty much right down the street from our house. In Dania Beach. We found one we liked and we are finally happy. It was a used travel trailer but looked brand new. It seemed perfect for the three of us. I could totally get comfortable and make it ours. Let’s do this.

Financing, credit reports, paper work, loans, and DEBT!

Seriously can you even stomach those words? 5 words that need out of my vocab I HATE THEM ALL!

We are sitting in the office going over all the paper work. Filling everything out. Here comes the paper to use our credit…

We are freaking DENIED! OMG are you serious! This is not good. That’s all that kept going through my head. We made a mistake. We are SCREWED! (enter all the curse words here).

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Wtf are we going to do now??

Apparently since we just traded in the 2 vehicles for the new truck in order to tow our trailer that we were going to buy, all 3 VEHICLES were still attached to our credit. No bank is going to loan money to someone with that many vehicle loans, especially in our middle(?) class world. Yea we had good credit, never a late payment, nothing bad and we can’t even use that credit we built. They didn’t care that the 2 cars came off, they were not loaning to us.

New plan number 711,347,587,439

I am sure I forgot to mention that somewhere in the midst of all the crap we have been dealing with Mike accepted a job in Montana at a coal plant that starts in a month. So basically we needed to figure something out and quick.

Do we just go and stay in hotels? Do we try to find a trailer by owner?

No we don’t, we are Demirgian’s we make something work!

We build our own!

A dream turned into Catchie Patchez! Our tiny home! 

Catchie Patchez


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