Top 5 Gift Guide for the Cooking mom

Does Mom love to cook?

I love cooking and baking. As I wrote in my 10 things you probably don’t know about me post. I can cook or bake anything really, from steak to cupcakes and beyond and I can almost guarantee you will like it. So I figured I would let you in on the Top 5 things I love and use in my kitchen which means your cooking or baking mom or wife would like it too!

cooking gear for mothersday


Chef’s Knife Set

chef vision knives

These knives are beautiful. I mean just look at them! They are a must for any cooking mom. You can read all about this set of awesome knives right here.

Meat Claws

meat claws pick up rotisserie chicken

Yea I know these say they are for BBQ but really they aren’t. I use these for multiple things including taking the chicken out of the set it and forget it rotisserie.

Natural essential oil infused Spice Blend

essential oil infused spice blends

This 7 pack of cooking spices is made with natural organic herbs and infused with all natural essential oils. Besides creating amazing dishes with this set of spices it also “diffuses” the essential oils into the air to create aromatic and health benefits.

Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer

I love my Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer. It was actually a hand me down from my grandfather “THE BAKER”. I use it almost daily. And not only for baking but for making so many great dishes. Especially the mashed potatoes! And when I am not using it, it is a nice addition to my bakers rack display.


Bakers Rack

Does mom Bake? Or even have a bunch of small kitchen appliances? Check out this Bakers rack. I bought one about a year ago and it was one of the best decisions I made. I keep my kitchen aide stand mixer on it. Along with my set it and forget it rotisserie, bread maker, crock pot, and rice cooker.

Your mom…

I would love to wish your mom and you if you are a mom, A Happy and Wonderful Mothers Day! I hope it blessed with love and relaxation.

Thanks for reading.

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