Oil Diffusers… Do you use one??

Diffusers… Do you use one??

There are so many types of diffuser’s with different functions and options for sale. Some people just do not know where to start when trying to find the perfect one for them. They end up buying/trying multiple ones until they find the one that is just right. Like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. And like me.

There are 4 different types of diffusers:

Nebulizer ~

In a nebulizer, pressurized air gets pushed through a tube and blows a mist of oil into the air. This is the fastest way to get the oil into the air but it uses a lot more oil than others. And is quite noisy!

Ultrasonic ~

Works in basically the same way as the nebulizer but is mixed with water and acts as a humidifier as well. Use less oil and is pretty quiet.

Evaporative ~

Basically what this one does is disperse the oil into the air by a fan pointed on a pad and it releases the scent!

Heat ~

You plug this into an outlet in your home or in your car cigarette lighter it heats up from the electricity and disperses the scent.

Now I am not a herbalist or an aromatherapy expert.

But in my honest opinion I like the ultrasonic diffuser the best. It is the most cost efficient, it disperses the oil evenly through the air and the cool mist really keeps the humidity in check.

The first diffuser I bought was an ultrasonic one. I bought it from a local big box store. Although I do still have and use it, it definitely does not work like it did in the beginning. It was also quite expensive.

The second one I bought was a heat diffuser. I was going to use it in the spare bathroom. Just to keep it fresh in there. Unfortunately it did not perform the way I am assuming it should have because, I didn’t smell anything.

Now this new diffuser

I recently bought another ultrasonic diffuser and I think it is amazing. It has so many different options and functions that it definitely beats any others I’ve tried. The main reason I bought this one and love it so much is:

You can push the button and it will run for 30 seconds and then turn off automatically. This is great for those areas that need a quick freshen.  It’s like your own little air freshener. I think every diffuser should come with this option!

The sleek design makes this a conversation piece as well as creates a soothing atmosphere with the lights.

Mist Settings:

This diffuser also has the auto off feature that most offer. Plus more. It has 4 settings. The 30 second one that I mentioned earlier, a 2 hour, a 4 hour and a continuous mist.
There is a auto-turn off safety feature that causes the unit to turn off when the tank is empty so the product motor doesn’t get ruined!

Light Settings:

It has 7 different light colors with the option to change the intensity from dim to bright. You can also set it to change colors or stay one color.


The diffuser itself is whisper quiet with the ultrasonic technology it uses. According to the product manufacture as shown below

I do however hear a drop every now and again which is sort of annoying when you are trying to sleep. But don’t let that discourage you. Everything is annoying to me when I am trying to sleep.


Can work in any type of indoor location. In the home, office, gym, yoga studio, nursery, bathroom, hotel, conference room. Basically anywhere you can think of.

Unless you put the wrong oils in the diffuser, you can use it at a daycare center, nursing home, and even in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and it will provide a soothing peaceful         NON -TOXIC refreshing atmosphere.

My all-time favorite essential oil blend:

1:1 ratio of Lavender and Clary Sage

Do you use an Essential Oil Diffuser?

What kind do you use?

What your favorite essential oil blend to put in your diffuser?

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