Come get organized with me! With clever containers!

Come get organized with me!

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This cleaning decluttering organizing craze is getting out of control. Or maybe it’s getting you IN CONTROL. In control of your life and your belongings. I have been working on decluttering my home with since the day I moved in. It will always be an ongoing clusterf*ck in my home, especially with CRS (can’t remember sh*t disease). It’s really a thing, I’m telling you. Anyways, I am really bad with remembering where I put things. Especially when I put something in that special place so I can remember where it is. Yea apparently that special place is a never-ending black hole. Cause I can never find the item I “supposedly” placed there. So I end up buying that item again, and again. It was wasting money and taking up much-needed space in my black hole.

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It’s time to get it right!

Year after year and day after day I finally got sick of doing the tango with my belongings and decided I need to start organizing my life, my home! So I went to the store and bought containers to put like items in. But I ended up buying containers too big for their designated area, or to small. And on top of that they were all mismatched and made my cabinets and closets more unruly than they were prior. I needed a better system, one where I can be at the store looking at the containers and organizers, and where I can also be at home and see belongings. I need a CATALOG with ideas and pictures, and with the options and prices and sizes right here with me. So I can visually plan and budget each area that needs reorganizing. Where can I find something like this?

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What are friends for?

This is where Jillian comes in. She’s my B.F.F., and my nephews mom. Besides that she is a SHOPOHOLIC! So, I am on the phone with Jillian and I am crying out my organizing woes to her. I mention about this catalog idea that needs to be found. And she says it was a great idea. And we continued on with a different subject and that was that about my organizing woes. Or so I thought!

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Not a week later, Jillian calls me. She tells me she is selling containers and she has a catalog for me. WHAT? Are you serious? Apparently she came across an opportunity of selling containers from a catalog. Where she can host parties and or pass out catalogs to friends and family. AWESOME! I love it. Like those old school Tupperware parties. Or those newer ones known as passion parties!

Just what I wanted!

She brings me a copy of the catalog to look through. All I can say is wow. There are so many options, so many things. Things I didn’t even know I needed! The colors and patterns are amazing and hip! I had to come tell you about it immediately. I mean you have to check this stuff out…


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Check out these drawer dividers.

I absolutely LOVE them.  Mike’s sock obsession is, well not only a little extreme, but unruly as well. No matter how many methods I have tried to keep that drawer organized within a week it is just utter chaos!

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Fresh Pantry vacuüm seal container kit.

This Fresh Pantry vacuüm seal container kit. NEED IT! I live in a HOT AND HUMID environment. With heat and humidity comes bugs. Keeping open boxes in kitchen cabinets is just asking for trouble. I have wanted to buy vacuüm seal containers for a while now. Especially ones that are going to keep out those bugs and keep my food fresh. This kit is perfect! And the containers comes in many different sizes. Not only are these great for the pantry, but they work awesome in the refrigerator as well! Oh and… They are dishwasher safe!

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The colors and designs are beautiful!

Look at the awesome colors and designs the products come in. They are so fun and they all coordinate so it’s no more mismatched chaos!


Check out the Clever Container catalog

Spring/Summer Catalog 2016-2017

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