Start Cleaning the bathroom with Essential Oils

Start Cleaning the bathroom with Essential Oils

Do you hate cleaning the bathroom? Yea, me too. It’s a pretty shitty job if you ask me! Germs, bacteria, fecal matter, urine, dirt. Pretty gross if I must say.

What’s worse than cleaning the bathroom? Using toxic products to clean it.

Read on to find out how I clean my bathroom, and disinfect it using safer products, natural products.

cleaning the bathroom

Stuff I use when cleaning the bathroom

cleaning the bathroom

Here is what you will need:

2 glass spray bottles

A few microfiber rags or paper towels

A toilet scrubber


Essential oils (namely my minty muggers oil blend)

Dish soap (I use dawn)

Rubbing alcohol

A cup or empty dish soap container


(for purpose of this post I allowed the shower to get filthy)

When cleaning the bathroom I always start with the tub/shower. This is because the cleaner needs time to work, so you don’t have to.

cleaning the bathroom shower or tub


Cup or empty dish soap container

1/2 cup of Dish soap (I use dawn)

15 drops of Essential oils (namely my minty muggers oil blend)

1 cup of warm Vinegar



Mix liquids into the dish soap container and give it a slow shake, so not to make it bubble but, more to mix the ingredients

Starting at the very top of the tub/shower surround slowly squeeze/pour/squirt mixture from one side to the other evenly repeat if necessary

cleaning the bathroom shower

Allow to drip down wall and onto floor and use more if needed

cleaning the bathroom shower

Let sit (for at least an hour if not more) and go on to next step


Use same mixture as you did for the shower

Squirt along the inside of the bowl

Mix up a spray bottle of my special Minty Muggers All purpose cleaning spray

Spray toilet seat, rim, cover

Close toilet lid

Spray down the whole outside of toilet

Top to bottom and underneath

Allow to sit for a minute

Starting with flush handle wipe down the whole toilet from top to bottom

Make sure to get in the crevices use more spray if needed

Lift toilet seat and scrub bowl with toilet brush and flush

Respray toilet seat, rim, and cover then wipe down


cleaning the bathroom

Remove everything off of vanity, counters and shelves

Spray down everything with Minty Muggers All purpose cleaning spray

Using a damp microfiber rag and starting at the top wipe down everything

*Respray and rinse out rag (squeeze out excess water) as needed

  • Light fixtures
  • Exhaust fan
  • Shelves
  • Top of medicine cabinet, door frame, upper cabinets and mirrors
  • Light switches
  • Walls

Then working down to:

  • Upper cabinet doors and handles
  • Counters
  • Vanity
  • Around the sink
  • Inside the sink
  • Sink hardware

Continue on down to:

  • Lower cabinet doors and handles

Doing it from top to bottom allows all the dirt to fall downwards. You dont want the dirt and dust from the tops of cabinets and frames to fall on to the already cleaned counters and vanity.

Start replacing items that you display/keep on counter:

Wipe Each item with a damp rag before replacing.

cleaning the bathroom

Tub/Shower Part 2

Wet the walls and floor lightly. Using a wet rag start wiping down the walls. Start from the top and work your way down to the floor. Unless your shower/tub is extremely filthy, you should not have to scrub. Yes I said no scrubbing needed. Make sure to wipe down hardware. Once you are satisfied spray down with warm water.  Wipe again with a wet rag and then dry and you are done with the shower.

cleaning the bathroom

cleaning the bathroom

Bathroom floor

By now the bathroom floor is disgusting, all the dust, dirt, hair and others have been thrown down on the floor. Sweep it all up and dispose.

Empty trash can and replace bin liner

Working in small sections:

Spray down the floor with Minty Muggers All purpose cleaning spray

Wipe with a wet and sprayed down (with Minty Muggers All purpose cleaning spray) microfiber rag

Now throw all those dirty reusable rags into the washing machine.

cleaning the bathroom

See how I keep my kitchen sink shining

Thank you so much for reading.

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