YOUTUBERS that use Essential Oils in their vlogs I admit, I watch YouTube vloggers. More than that, I tend to watch those youtube vloggers who lean-to using Essential Oils in their daily lives. Truthfully, I started using Essential Oils after watching vlogs with families who use them.  So I have come here today to share with you my favorite Essential Oil using YouTube vloggers. Without further ado and in no particular order here is my list of: My favorite YOUTUBERS that use Essential Oils in their vlogs 1. Kyra Sivertson @ OKbaby I love how Kyra teaches her kids about how beneficial Essential Oils are inRead More →

Big changes are coming my way I am moving to Reno, NV. My husband, Michael, was offered a job out of state. Approximately 3,000 miles away, to work on constructing the new Tesla Plant in Reno, Nevada. The pay is excellent and triple what he is making here in South Florida. The one downfall is, the job starts next week. Meaning we will have only one week to pack up our belongings and make the 3,000 mile trek, across the country. What my husband does! My husband is a union sheet metal mechanic. He constructs, fabricates, and installs metal work. From fabricating and installing air conditioningRead More →

Essential Oils for Oral Health I love essential oils. Seriously, there has to be an Essential oil for everything. Including Oral Health. Below you will find the 5 main essential oils I use in my oral health routine as well as a couple of ways on how I use them. The Top 5 Essential Oils for Oral Health   Peppermint Peppermint essential oil has a refreshing minty smell and an antimicrobial property that works great on bad breath and kills the germs and bacteria creating the bad breath. Clove Clove is my go to essential oil when I have a tooth ache. It works as a great analgesic and it has antimicrobial,Read More →

20 year old self

I was watching Dr. Oz when he asks a woman what she would say to her 20 year old self and I said ooh that sounds like a great post. So here goes… *Dr. Oz has nothing to do with this post.   What would you tell your 20-year-old self? Before I can answer that question I must tell you my life was much different back then. Back then. At 20, I was in college taking classes in computer technology and business management. I didn’t have a steady boyfriend or any boyfriend for that matter and I was helping take care of my nephew that his mother (myRead More →