Charcoal…. And Sea Salt… Sounds like I am about to have a BBQ!   Where’s the beef?    Hey guys whats up? I wish I was having a BBQ because I am HANGRY! But, there’s no BBQ meat in this little jar of magic! As I have written before in past posts that I have sensitive skin with an array of skin problems. Through the years,  my friends asked me to go to the local skin care store I always passed on the invite. Why? Well I was nervous, about buying something at those ridiculous prices to just have a bad reaction to it. I was talking toRead More →

Let’s talk about my skin (problems) and this new product I tried! I have multiple skin problems: from dry skin to more complex situations like Hidradenitis suppurativa and polymorphic light eruption! Don’t know what those are? Well you should be happy because they are both a pain in my %^&! Now I am not one to use “bath and body” specialty products because I am always worried that it will do more harm than good.   I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about my skin problems and how I am always nervous about trying new skin products because every time I have tried something in the past IRead More →