Kitchen Knives… Are you using the correct one? I love to cook. It is a favorite pastime of mine. Creating amazing dishes and watching the smile on my husbands face when he takes the first bite is something priceless to me. But, cooking doesn’t only involve seasoning and heating food, it also involves the pre-prep. Which involves much more and in order to have a smooth pre-prep you need the appropriate kitchen utensils, especially KNIVES! Knives When it comes to Knives it is important to use the correct knife for the job at hand. If you don’t you will probably end up with an incorrect cutRead More →

stop wasting money on snacks

Stop wasting money on snacks. Snack Pack – Grab and Go! Mike and I are snackers. We love to snack. It is just something we do. We share a love for snacks, how about you? Haha I am a poet and didn’t even know it. Anyway I have to say at least 35% of our grocery monthly budget is dedicated to snacks. Be it fresh fruit and veggies or chips, cookies, and crackers. That is almost $100. Sickening. Especially when about 10% of what we buy goes to waste because we couldn’t eat it quick enough and it went bad. Besides that we also waste aRead More →