I love computers. I have loved computers since the apple 2e came out and I would play Oregon trail and frogger! Those were the days HUH? Mid 80’s early 90’s. Anyways Since becoming a computer junkie I have had my fair share of computers. And peripheral devices. I can’t even begin to name them all! My current computer: My latest computer is NOT the greatest. It is a few years old and I’m sure it’s got some issues with this and that. But this computer right here, that I am sitting in front of typing has been with me through some of my roughest times. SimilarRead More →

One of my good friends is a repo man. Well no, he works for the repo man! Lets call my friend “E”. He is constantly on the road driving and talking on the phone. Yea I know it’s not the best thing to do but, sometimes it just has to happen! In the case of “E” it’s part of his job. He has to make the proper calls to the proper authorities! Anyways, “E” loves headsets. I feel like every time I see him he has a new pair! He always tells me how annoying it is with the wires and connectors and all that other jazzRead More →