Come get organized with me! This cleaning decluttering organizing craze is getting out of control. Or maybe it’s getting you IN CONTROL. In control of your life and your belongings. I have been working on decluttering my home with since the day I moved in. It will always be an ongoing clusterf*ck in my home, especially with CRS (can’t remember sh*t disease). It’s really a thing, I’m telling you. Anyways, I am really bad with remembering where I put things. Especially when I put something in that special place so I can remember where it is. Yea apparently that special place is a never-ending black hole.Read More →

It is that time of year again! Let’s get those Air Conditioner Filters cleaned and sanitized! Hi my Viewtiful friends,  I hope everyone is awesome today! I sure am. As I have mentioned, in previous posts, I live in South Florida. We have about one and a half seasons here! Let’s call the seasons in South Florida Air conditioner season and sweater season! What I am getting at, us Floridians run our air conditioner about 355 days out of the 365 days of the year. No joke! With that being said, South Florida’s “10 days of sweater season”, is over! Do you smell that smell? Ooooh that smell! LastRead More →