When I decided I was going to start blogging, I made a list. Somewhat of a blogging goals list. This list has been working out pretty good for me. I am racking up followers and page views and I even have 2 viral pins. But I want more. Here is my newest blog goals and I would love if all of you helped me reach them! Blogging Goals Blog Frequency Originally I figured I would need to post daily, a new blog post every day. As much as I loved posting so often, I feel it takes away from the promotion part of blogging. It doesn’tRead More →

We all gotta start somewhere! Who cares if it is at the bottom? So excited I got awesome news for you all today! Demirviews finally has a new page. One that has been a work in progress since about week 1. I mean that was only a couple of weeks ago but it seems like forever ago. It’s my media kit. Something that I thought I would be ashamed of because of such a low social media following but I pulled up my big girl pants and said “We all gotta start somewhere! Who cares if it is at the bottom?” My Media Kit IRead More →

first month blogging stats

March Blog Stats… March was my first full month of blogging. I think I did a pretty good job! Views, Visitors, Likes & Comments I really do not have anything to compare this too. Like I said above, March was my first FULL MONTH of blogging! These are not spam views or visitors. I have just been sharing my posts in all types of social media. Top 5 Countries my readers are from When I began blogging I never realized that my posts would end up all over the world as shown above. This is insane! United State, Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom, and India are  The topRead More →