Artline Stix Highlighter Pens Assorted Pack 6 Colors

I really enjoyed playing with these Artline Stix Highlighters. They are so cute and work great. They come in a really cute barrel package.

As you can see in the pictures I tested them out in my Moleskine bullet journal for smear/bleed/brightness.


  • They are definitely bright and they write very smoothly.


  • For the smear test I used a paper mate inkjoy and highlighted over it and for the most part they did not smear. I actually think it held up pretty well!

Bleed through:

  • The bleed test I gotta say passed to a certain degree but I believe that’s with any marker or highlighter.

The cute factor of them being buildable like legos with male/female connections is absolutely awesome. The highlighters have three sides: male connector, female connector, and flat. But, I have to say it’s a little hard to get the male and female connectors to stay together after you connect them!

I really liked these markers and I would definitely recommend them to friends, family, college students (hey everyone gets bored in class), and even high schoolers! And we definitely can’t forget you bullet journalers!

I would not recommend to anyone who likes to put foreign objects in their mouths for fun (I am talking to you kids) as the charms are pretty small.

These highlighters are RIGHT ON!

Any questions or comments please leave them down below in the comment section!

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