Almost Next Month… Is your Whiteboard Ready?

Almost Next Month… Is your Whiteboard Ready?

What’s going on friends?

I hope everyone is having a great day! I spent my morning filling out my WhiteBoard for the upcoming month. I seriously can not believe it is already going to be March… In 2 days!


March is always a pretty busy looking month for me. Always has been. Not quite sure why, except for the fact that it’s my hubby’s & my fur baby’s birthday month. And a friend’s birthday as well. Jenn H. Another great celebration is Joe’s anniversary! His anniversary of sobriety! Ten years! Wtg, Joe!

I have a “work” meeting and a “work” luncheon this month as well!! So happy I finally get to see the ortho soon too! This shoulder is really not doing so hot!

I get to watch Max a couple of times this month also! This always excites me, when I get to watch Max. Him and I have so much fun together! We dance and play and read and watch tv. It’s the best time, especially when he is speaking his native tongue! You know, all kids have it at Max’s age, right when they are about to start talking and they have a paragraph long of jibber jabber! See I told you that you knew what I meant.

Color coding!

As you can see in the picture I have all:




Family Birthdays in Orange~~My “work” meetings in Yellow

Friends Birthdays in Pink     ~~       Watching Max is Red

Food arrangement is Green~~Other celebrations is brown


Doctors appointments are blue


I have had this whiteboard for many years. I think my mom bought it as a housewarming gift back in 2008.

Its an awesome product to have. You can use it in a dorm room, a home office, a family command center, a workplace of really anytype, especially office settings.

Whiteboard markers:

In order to color code my white board I am always buying different sets of colored whiteboard markers! I kind of have a pen/marker addiction. Yes I am working on it! Don’t judge!

Most whiteboard markers don’t last long especially in my house. They go missing all the time or dry up, or even the nib gets worn and dull!

A friend told me about these whiteboard markers she picked up the other day. She said she got them at her local BigBoxStore. When she described them, she said they were a chalk type liquid ink. She paid around $20 total with tax.

Wait for it…


I jump on amazon and look at the different whiteboard markers that they have listed. There was quite a few different ones at all different prices. Really, I did not want to spend more than ten dollars. According to ynab my budget for office supplies and such is a $10.29.

 Great sale!

While scrolling through amazon I find a set that is normally priced at $19.98 but they are currently $10.00 off! That’s $8.99 for a 12 pack of whiteboard markers! Who doesn’t love a sale? They are so cute and the pictures show such bright beautiful colors, I have to get them!

Yay my markers arrived!

Got my markers:


The colors they come in are listed and shown in no particular order:

Black, blue, light blue, light green, tan, brown,

red, pink, orange, yellow, green and purple..

Just about every color you need!


Look at those nibs


The nibs are tight and pointed.

Point check 1,2 1,2


Ideal for use on Menu Boards, Chalkboard Labels, Chalkboard Paper, Bistro Boards, House Windows, Car Windows, Glossy Boards, Mirrors, Plastic, Metal and more.

I absolutely love these WhiteBoard liquid chalk markers! They work on so many different surfaces. From ceramics, to glassware, dry-erase/whiteboard, green chalkboard, black chalkboard. That is just to name a few! Here are some other ways I’ve used them besides on my dry erase/whiteboard.

Wrote on glass mason jar to label it in black for the Bread Flour
Wrote on glass mason jar to label it in blue for the All Purpose Flour
I wrote a reminder in orange on my washing machine to remind me Mikes Vest is in there and needs to be washed (sorry for my reflection)
I wrote my name on the front glass of my microwave (sorry for my reflection)
I wrote I love you on my smudged mirror in pink

Yea, I know I got a little carried away but, I was having fun!


Non-Toxic, 100% Water Based, Odor free, No Dust, Fumes or Harsh Chemicals, FUN AND SAFE FOR CHILDREN.

They seriously don’t smell! It’s amazing because every marker i’ve sniffed in my life has had a “MARKER” smell! No, I am not a huffer!~

Comfort grip for a long time to write without fatigue. Delicate lines, fast-drying, easily erasable with no traces left.

The nibs are perfectly “hard” so it has a smooth feeling when making delicate lines. The liquid chalk is fast drying yet can be completely wiped off with anything really. Even your finger!

Get a pack:

Get a pack for yourself

*while they are still on sale for 55% off*

Color: 12 colors
Length: Approx. 13cm

Package Includes:
12 x White Board Marker Pens

1.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.Please make sure you do not mind before you buy.
2.The color may be different as the difference display,pls understand.
3.Without using it, pls cover the cap to make sure it enjoys the long working life.