My Five DIY Air Freshener Sprays

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Essential oils

I love essential oils. They are amazing in so many different aspects! Way too many to list especially since each type of essential oils has its own aspects.

Something that you should know is “Pure” Essential Oils are very strong. Strong enough to deteriorate plastic. With that being said, you should probably use glass or aluminum to store pure essential oils. If it is in fact true that essential oils may deteriorate plastic, my first thought is: The oil is deteriorating the plastic, some or most plastic contains carcinogens why would I want to put a product that might contain carcinogens on myself or in my surroundings. Isn’t that the whole reason why we choose to use essential oils and not modern day medicine and other toxic chemicals? If you are looking for a great glass spray bottle, and one that I personally use and love, click here!

  Here is how I make my own air freshener spray at home!


Start With

For all of the options here you will start with:

A glass bottle *The one I use is 16oz

3/4 cup of Distilled Water

1/2 cup of grain alcohol like Vodka, or you may use Isopropyl Alcohol or Witch Hazel *I personally use Isopropyl Alcohol.

20-30 drops of essential oils


Essential oil blends

Citrus Fresh

10 drops Bergamot essential oil

8 drops Orange essential oil

5  drops Lime essential oil

5 drops Grapefruit essential oil

2 drops Lemongrass essential oil

Pet Odor Deodorizer

10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

8 drops Lemon essential oil

6 drops Tea Tree essential oil

Rest, Relax & Sleep

8 drops Lavender essential oil

4 drops Sandalwood essential oil

4 drops Bergamot essential oil

4 drops Chamomile essential oil

3 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil

2 drops Petitgrain essential oil

Bathroom Deodorizer

8 drops Orange essential oil

6 drops of Lavender essential oil

10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Tea Tree essential oil

Man Cave

7 drops Bergamot essential oil

7 drops Cypress essential oil

7 drops Arborvitae essential oil

4 drops Fir essential oil


Using homemade Air Freshener

When using these homemade air freshener, do not spray directly onto fabric as some oils stain. Also more is not always better. you will only need a spray or two.

Let me know below what your favorite Air Freshener Spray is 🙂




Mosquito Repellant

*also works on Ants and Flies

Glass bottle *The one I use is 16oz

3/4 cup of Distilled Water

1/2 cup of grain alcohol like Vodka, or you may use Isopropyl Alcohol or Witch Hazel

4 drops Geranium essential oil

5 drops Citronella essential oil

4 drops Clove essential oil

3 drops Tea Tree essential oil

5 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

6 drops Lavender essential oil

4 drops Lemongrass essential oil

  • I have never used these oils before. I hear a lot about them though. I might have to try some out. I’m sure they smell amazing.

    • Essential oils are amazing. and the scents are so exotic

  • Stephanie Gilbert

    I have been wanting to use oils more. Saving these to make later.

    • Awesome they are great! Let me know how you like them

  • This is such a great idea. I’d so much rather freshen the air without using all those toxic chemicals around my home. I like that you’ve posted different ingredient lists for several types of freshening needs.

  • Divya Budhraja

    I love making my own household products with my essential oils! Not only are they non-toxic, but they smell great too!

    • Yes they do. I love them. I could not live without them. I do not know how I did for over 30 years!

  • I have never tried making my own air freshener…I haven’t even thought about it but this seem to be a very cost effective method. I find it easier to just buy them already made instead of having to go look for these fragrances. This can be a great business to venture into if you are not already doing it!

    • Thanks Shevy. Most commercial air fresheners are filled with chemicals.

  • The diffusers are by far some of my favorites to keep around the house. I also like the ones that spritz scents every 30 seconds.

  • blckberry13

    Making your own air freshener is a great idea 💡. Probably safer too

  • I didn’t know was so easy to make homemade air fresheners. I’m going to try that relaxing spray recipe.

  • Valerie CottageMakingMommy

    I love making my own healthy air fresheners too. It makes such a difference. These are all great blends.

  • Ola Broom

    Oooo…that Man Cave scent would be wonderful! I’ll have to keep that one in mind!

  • Lorraine Marshall

    I too love essential oils. You have provided some amazing essential oil combinations to make air fresheners. I’ll be looking forward to your future post.

  • Milica Radoncic Ex Momcilovic

    Wow! I didn’t have idea that you can actually mix real vodka with esential oils and get air freshener. It is also not dificult at all to make it. Great! Thanks for the tips!

  • Ann

    Oh wow this is such a great information. I had no idea it’s this easy to make an essential pil. Thank you for sharing.

  • David E

    I have not used essential oils much. I am highly impressed about all of the things you can make with them. I know they have amazing properties. I just feel like I don’t understand them well enough.

    • They are absolutely amazing. Its what our ancestors used before modern day fragrances!

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Thanks for sharing these recipes. I can’t wait to try them. I love DIY air fresheners.

    • You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy them. I actually just made a batch of the citrus fresh. it smells amazing in here!

  • Wow! I saw this post on Instagram but did not take a closer look at it. I will definitely bookmark it and make mine too at home.

    • I am glad it caught your eye

  • Deimarys Colon

    I need some lavender for the room! This are great tips!

  • Nichole Freeman

    This is a great list. You have covered everything. I am sharing this with friends and family.

    • I am glad you liked it!